the curious case of plagiarism

oh, okay. what's with plagiarism that many bloggers are buzzing about? 

it's just sen. sotto so why waste the time spanking his stinky ass? 

I think these bloggers whom their articles have been used without credit are just too smart and too stupid. 

too smart to write such excellent quality articles, only fit for a politician's speech and too stupid not to be conscious enough that there's a high risk of their articles to be plagiarized. 

are you still with me? don't worry because this won't be very long. what's so much to say anyway. 

while this post would've been posted in my other blog, I'd rather prefer having a low profile so this must be the place. :-)

anyway, what I thought can solve plagiarism is this. 

write some parts of your articles in your own native language or much better, a language only you can understand or just very few readers can understand. 

something like in poems or riddles too.

or perhaps, don't bother publishing on the web. but if you're really itching to become popular, read aloud while recording it or taking a video of yourself. 

it can still be plagiarized, but who'll bother to transcribe your speech? the audio/video can reposted but the copyright is retained. it's your voice or face. 

sa pagkabalo ko, damo damo gid naga pangopya articles. especially mga estudyante eh. pahapos lang man te duro jan. duro pa man manol sa blogging ah. or ano gid haw kung "blogger" ka? 

wara man ta gyapon may mahimo kung amo na gusto nila. pasalamat ka na lang eh kay nami nami imo article, ginpili gid nila. 

and isa pa gali, this I must say. we are all  plagiarists in many ways - culture, fashion, etc. haven't you realized that?  

plagiarism your face. 

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