so much for the long weekend

okay, I still have some outstanding tasks and I might get fired because of posting this.

so what right? my sincerest apologies to my boss. ;-) 

yeah, everything seems fine and it's getting better so why should I work my ass off while others are taking a break? it seems wrong but right at the same time.

so instead of working all day for someone else, I just went with whatever came and ended up working for myself.

meaning, it's again time to update my blogs! what's the crack?

well, first, there's very good news at work but I'm not going to share it with you. thanks to my boss for everything by the way and I'm very sorry for all the inconvenience that I've caused. if it came to a point of coming across this post, I hope you'll understand. 

second, I had some more best moments in my life. but again, I'm not going to share it with you. sorry but I prefer to keep it a secret. what's more to my life if I'm going to share everything to the public eh?

am not a superstar or some politician or whoever's out there that like to share whatever their doing every single second. 

mistakes? I made several too but not to the point that everyone will know. hehe... unless you hire a private investigator or a hacker, you'll will never know. 

third... it's a blessing that this blog finally attracted some more readers. I'm not sure who or what or where, since there's one traffic source/referring URL that's no longer in service or has been disabled due to a terms of service violation - I really can't tell. 

another holiday is coming up and I guess, this won't be a great day because the day after will be another regular day at work for most of us Pinoys.  

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