just so sick, so sick and still sick!

like one of my favorite songs, am quite so sick about things. taking back sunday, please. 

been missing the sun, I'd rather soak on sweat. I don't want to be free from sweat. here comes the rainy days again and I hope it will not last that long.

I said to myself before not to blog so much about my personal shit. especially in Facebook, why did you ever exist? I always remind myself not to post something that I do in private. WTF people, what do you need that for?
can we blame mr. zuckerberg? no, the blame is on yourself. think about it. I really don't care what you are doing right now.

well, I changed my mind but not to the point of revealing every single dirt in my head. just a handful of it to remind me of things that I must continue to do and pursue...

does it make sense? let me know...

image source: break.com