el crapo, what the heck!

have I moved out or just lazing around? 

I guess, am living in a post apocalyptic situation for the past 3 years. my profile indicates that am on Blogger since february 2009. overall, I only got 67 profile views and 34 pageviews. quite a disappointed with myself because that time, I was looking forward to be one of the most influential bloggers in history. 

unlike new year resolutions, my dream is still a dream. there were moments that I was in the spotlight but it didn't last that long. hell came on earth and ravished me inside and out. feeling so uninspired, I had a fraction of moral support and a short list of friends.

so today, I might change things and make them much better than before. without any help but myself. yes, I'm back. for good hopefully. otherwise, you can bury me alive... (please remind me of that)

anyway, that's all for now. it's a saturday and I have to go party. ~(o.O)~

image source: rathanachang.wordpress.com