can't get it out of my head

okay, I had a great time but it's not the typical weekend party that you thought of. I was just by myself, watching movies and doing crazy stuff no one will ever know. lol (really?).

I can't get the photo on my first post out of my head and I was thinking... I already have my own domain, so why start another? will I be able to manage it? 

things are so different now, but I prefer the old days when I don't know much anything about seo. to hell with all that optimization and taking the risks. panda came and went by, then here comes another two-toned creature again. the penguin, I have no idea but I thought of that villain in a batman movie and remembered the evilness.

so, what was I thinking? what will this blog about be? will it be able to make more money? I don't care anymore. I've decided to write about anything especially when I feel bored or not that motivated to work. in particular, this will be a journal - something like an organizer I guess.

might be full of errors, but I don't care as well. am going against the flow now. so be it, you be the judge but I will never try to please you. what for and who are you to say something against me?

first, evaluate yourself and see if you're awesome enough and have the ass to be yourself. or perhaps, you're one of those guys who like to follow what's trending...

I hope you get my point.

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