the curious case of plagiarism

oh, okay. what's with plagiarism that many bloggers are buzzing about? 

it's just sen. sotto so why waste the time spanking his stinky ass? 

I think these bloggers whom their articles have been used without credit are just too smart and too stupid. 

too smart to write such excellent quality articles, only fit for a politician's speech and too stupid not to be conscious enough that there's a high risk of their articles to be plagiarized. 

so much for the long weekend

okay, I still have some outstanding tasks and I might get fired because of posting this.

so what right? my sincerest apologies to my boss. ;-) 

yeah, everything seems fine and it's getting better so why should I work my ass off while others are taking a break? it seems wrong but right at the same time.

so instead of working all day for someone else, I just went with whatever came and ended up working for myself.

meaning, it's again time to update my blogs! what's the crack?

rocks that you can eat

what you are about read might make your mouth water again. hehe...

I find this so called "energy balls" interesting and is planning to make some one day. they look similar to meatballs and taste like your favorite cookie, a healthier option that you can eat anytime you want and it's very cheap too.

edible rocks