this might be the last...

this might be the last post I'll make. I relaunched, had a few posts and neglected to update for a few days. 

now that I finally came to my senses and checked how this blog have been doing... 

there is no change with the traffic. what's happening puto? 

no readers, so what?

it's been a week I guess and still no one reading my blog. maybe it's because I haven't done some link building or it's just that the topics I've written about aren't that interesting.

anyway, whatever. I don't mind.

we'll see in a month or two what happens...

another week has passed by, I missed a days' worth of work and I'll be making up on it later. don't ask why.

just so sick, so sick and still sick!

like one of my favorite songs, am quite so sick about things. taking back sunday, please. 

been missing the sun, I'd rather soak on sweat. I don't want to be free from sweat. here comes the rainy days again and I hope it will not last that long.

I said to myself before not to blog so much about my personal shit. especially in Facebook, why did you ever exist? I always remind myself not to post something that I do in private. WTF people, what do you need that for?

can't get it out of my head

okay, I had a great time but it's not the typical weekend party that you thought of. I was just by myself, watching movies and doing crazy stuff no one will ever know. lol (really?).

I can't get the photo on my first post out of my head and I was thinking... I already have my own domain, so why start another? will I be able to manage it? 

things are so different now, but I prefer the old days when I don't know much anything about seo. to hell with all that optimization and taking the risks. panda came and went by, then here comes another two-toned creature again. the penguin, I have no idea but I thought of that villain in a batman movie and remembered the evilness.

el crapo, what the heck!

have I moved out or just lazing around? 

I guess, am living in a post apocalyptic situation for the past 3 years. my profile indicates that am on Blogger since february 2009. overall, I only got 67 profile views and 34 pageviews. quite a disappointed with myself because that time, I was looking forward to be one of the most influential bloggers in history. 

unlike new year resolutions, my dream is still a dream. there were moments that I was in the spotlight but it didn't last that long. hell came on earth and ravished me inside and out. feeling so uninspired, I had a fraction of moral support and a short list of friends.